Reverse Mortgage Lenders Direct - Robo Called for 6 months 3 or more times a week

Rochester, New York 1 comment

This company apparently wanted for my partner to get a reverse mortgage, and after politely refusing their offers, then rudely refusing their offers, then using foul language to tell them to stop calling, then filing complaints, then getting their corporate number and telling them to take me off their list, and now here to vent some anger that these companies can keep calling you even after you have told them NOT TO CALL EVER AGAIN. We need some stronger consumer laws about refusing phone calls, with substantial penalties for failing to follow the new laws. Not just writing a few words on a few websites!!!!

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This review is from 2012.We do apologize for the inconvenience though.

RMLD is no longer engaged in any cold calling. We had hired some outsourced telemarketing firms and they lied to us about how they were generating their calls.

All of our marketing is now inbound through the search engines.

Sorry again.


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